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    Our Next Monthly Meeting:
8:00 AM Thursday, May 10th, 2018
at Tommy Brann's, 4157 S. Division

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Why Donate?

Division Avenue Business Association (DABA) works hard to make sure Division Ave, between 28th and 54th , does not become a blight on the community. All of this work largely goes on behind the scenes without any fanfare. DABA is not a business, and we do not generate revenue. Our members donate their time, and projects get paid for from donations and membership dues. Twice a year we organize, and participate in, a community clean-up to rid the avenue of garbage, litter, and stones that have accumulated on the street and sidewalks. We locate and remove graffiti that we find on buildings and signs. Every summer we pay for a company to come in and spray for weeds to keep the avenue looking fresh. This spring we are embarking on a beautification project that includes replacing trees and planting flowers along the avenue.

In order to continue doing these things for Division Ave., we need your help. Your money will go directly to Division Ave, and no donation is too small. Please help us to continue what we are doing to make Division Ave a bright spot in Wyoming, and help promote a safe and healthy community.

Contact Gary Ball about donations:  Gary Ball

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Read our interview with Linda Quist, the Director of Finance & Development for Partners for a Racism Free Community.


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