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8:00 AM Thursday, January 12th, 2016
at Tommy Brann's, 4157 S. Division

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  January 12th, 2017
Meeting Minutes [click to download PDF]

1. Call to Order
Members Present: Jerry DeGood, Auto Finance; Ben Durian, Wyoming Police Department; Brian Look, Wyoming Police Department; Jim Connell, Kentwood Police Department; Mike Leedy, Kentwood Police Department; Lisa Golder, City of Kentwood, Sharon LaChappelle, Baxter Community Center; David Rodriguez, LMCU

David Rodriguez introduced himself. He is the branch manager of Lake Michigan Credit Union on Division Avenue, and he also grew up in the area. He is interested in participating in DABA.

2. Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Ben Durian with support from David Rodriguez, to approve the December DABA minutes.

--Motion Carried--

3. Treasurers Report:

4. Discussion
There was discussion regarding the lack of attendees at the DABA meetings. Jerry said that he had mentioned before that we should work on only one goal—to increase membership. The actions of DABA should relate to this goal. There was discussion about how to get business representatives to attend, including the following:

• Invite people to the meetings personally
• Ask people why they do not attend meetings
• Do a survey of people reached by the DABA email to ask why they are not attending
• Develop a list of benefits—additional discussion regarding the benefits of membership
--Weed control
--information on policing issues in community
--zoning and development information

There was a discussion regarding why people attend Wyoming's West Side Business Association. This is a well-attended business association meeting. The activities of the group are similar to the activities undertaken by DABA over the years. But this group has new people participating in the events and taking on leadership roles.

Sharon said she would contact someone from Paris Motors to see if they are interested in attending a meeting, and if not, why.

Other ideas that could be undertaken to increase membership include:
• Using Groupon
• New banners
• Contact individual businesses and invite
• Ask why they aren't coming
• Speakers on relevant topics

Topics/speakers for DABA meetings could include a legislative update from Tommy Brann, report on the Silverline, a presentation from the police department on fraud prevention, scams, or active shooter preparedness.

There was discussion on combining the DABA with the West Side Business Association, since their initiatives are similar to DABA.

There was support for having a brainstorming session at the next DABA meeting.

Mike said that in organizations that he has worked with, the people that take on all the work get tired of doing it, and new people are needed to come forward to do the work.

There will be a Law Enforcement Appreciation event on May 11, 2017.

Lisa said that the city of Kentwood is hosting an information meeting about the Form Based Code in Kentwood on January 30, 2017 from 6-8:00PM at the Kentwood Rec Center 355 – 48th Street. The meeting will be about the new FBC ordinance itself; the rezoning of the properties will take place at a later date.

Wyoming is having a Winterfest on February 18, 2017. The information regarding this should be put on the DABA website.

Brian Look talked about preventative car theft.

David Rodriguez asked about whether LMCU is participating in the Adopt a Block program and whether they have paid their dues yet. Steve Karrip will look into this and get back to him.

David is teaching a class at Godwin and he can see if their community outreach person can come to meetings.

Jerry reported that the Chamber of Commerce is having its Annual meeting on January 27, 2017 and that the "Dust Off" for the Metro Cruise is scheduled for May 6, 2017.

Lisa will ask an open-ended question of the DABA email group what they would like to see discussed at DABA meetings.

5. Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Division Avenue Business Association is scheduled for February 10, 2017.

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