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8:00 AM Thursday, March 8th, 2018
at Tommy Brann's, 4157 S. Division

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  February 8th, 2018
Meeting Minutes [click to download PDF]

1. Call to Order
Members Present: Steve Karrip, Metro Motors; Jerry DeGood, Auto Finance; Lisa Golder, City of Kentwood;; Ed Peterman, South Godwin Neighborhood Association; Lysette Castillo, Godwin Public Schools; Duane Bacchus, Godwin Public Schools; Mike Leedy, Kentwood Police Department; Paula Dykstra, Kelloggsville Public Schools; Ben Durian, Wyoming Police Department; Harold Mast, Kent County Commissioner; Mark Rambo, City of Kentwood, Megan Sall, City of Wyoming; Brooke Ritter, Small Business Consultant, ADP; Debbi Coleman, Hope Network

2. Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Karrip with support from Leedy to approve the January DABA minutes.

--Motion Carried--

3. Treasurers Report:
No report at this time.

Jerry: Discussed how to cut costs on the banners. Jerry said there are the unused banners bought by the Rapid that could possibly be used at the bus stops. This would cut down on the number of banners needed, so it could be around $4000. We would need to pay by the end of March. There was a contribution of $500 toward the banners. With the down payment made by DABA, that leaves $2,500 to pay.

Lisa said that there would be a concern about having "sponsorships" on the banners with businesses' names. Possibly the schools could sponsor banners; but at this point there are no banners proposed in the Kelloggsville Schools area. Megan said that Act 51 money cannot be used for this type of project. She is looking into other resources.
Mark said he is looking into budgeting banners for future years for the area south of 44th Street, which is more within the Kentwood area. The cities have to conform with bidding and procurement requirements when they purchase anything.

There was discussion about the proposed design of the banners. Lisa, Mark and Megan will meet to discuss. It was noted that the money for the banners is due in March. The price may also go up if new brackets are needed or brackets needed to be replaced.

4. Roundtable Discussion:

Steve: Having a membership breakfast in April on the 12th. Spring Clean-up will be on the 14th. At the breakfast we will ask people to sign up as members and pay at that time. There was discussion regarding Godwin Schools participation in the clean-up. Duane said he could probably get 20-25 kids from the Student Leadership Team of the National Honor Society. We will meet in the Godwin parking lot at 7:45 AM. Steve said that the supervisors for the Godwin kids should have cars ready so that they can possibly take kids to designated locations along Division Avenue to work.

Brooke from ADP: she is a small business consultant. She has heard good things about the businesses in the city of Kentwood and the city of Wyoming.

Harold Mast: He discussed the Wyoming Kentwood Chamber of Commerce Legislative Luncheon which is on the second Monday of the month.

He said they have appointed Wyman Brit as the new County Administrator.

Ben Durian: Reviewed the police report; was a typical month. He encouraged anyone to call in if they see any suspicious activity that should be checked out.

There was discussion about how police department handles mental health issues that arise in the community.

Megan: Discussion again on mental health issues and the funding of Network 180 Harold Mast said that a Crisis Center is being considered at Fulton and 131. There was discussion regarding the stigma of mental health, especially in the schools and in the Hispanic community. Education is needed.

Mark: City of Kentwood will be spraying for gypsy months. There will be a Valentine's Day 5K run and a Winter Concert at the Library coming up in February. A new company has come to city that will create 50 new high tech jobs.

Paula reiterated the issues with mental health in schools. She said that the new gym at the Kelloggsville High School is open at certain times to the Kelloggsville community. People from outside the community will have to pay a fee. Check-in for the gym is at the high school office and identification is required. KDL is also operating within the high school library, and open to the community. She will have information for the website on hours of operation for the gym.

Lysette: discussed the Godwin Schools community tailgate party that is happening before the varsity game this week.

Ed: said that he has made application for the Michigan National Night Out permits.

Debbi Koleman: with Hope Network presented materials on Wheels to Work, which is a ride-to-work program for the employers of West Michigan and its employees. Costs are shared by the employer and employee. The program sponsored by Hope Network to help people with transportation to work. There is also a chauffeur-drive ride program for people with disabilities. Information on these programs were distributed to DABA.

Duane: said that the Godwin Schools want to participate in DABA but it is easier to have an activity or event to rally around. This is why the clean-up would be a good thing for Godwin to participate in. He would like to see the students interact with the people and businesses around them. The Community Leadership Team is meeting on March 27, 2018 to discuss needs and solutions.

5. Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Division Avenue Business Association is scheduled for March 8, 2018.

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