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    Police Appreciation Breakfast
8:00 AM Thursday, July 13th, 2017
at Tommy Brann's, 4157 S. Division

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  April 13th, 2017
Meeting Minutes [click to download PDF]

1. Call to Order
Members Present: Jerry DeGood, Auto Finance; Steve Karrip, Metro Motors; Brandon Armstrong, Kentwood Police Department; Jon Carter, Kentwood Police Department; Holly Wolniakowski, City of Kentwood; Lisa Golder, City of Kentwood; Mike Leedy, City of Kentwood; Mark Rambo, City of Kentwood; Gary Ball, B-Quick Printing; Laura Tanis, Kelloggsville Public Schools; Tom Brann, Brann's; Gary Ball, B-Quick Printing: Ben Durian, City of Wyoming Police Department; Tim Cochran, City of Wyoming; Sam Butler, One Wyoming; Ed Peterman, South Godwin Neighborhood Association; David Rodriguez, LMCU; Ken Norris, WKTV; Ken Kraft, Exalta Health

2. Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Karrip with support from Brann to approve the March DABA minutes.

--Motion Carried--

3. Treasurers Report:
There is $2411.49 in the Treasury.

Jerry said that the Annual Police Appreciation/Recognition will take place on May 11, 2017 at 8:00 at Brann's. Breakfast will be available. Jerry and Steve will promote this event to area businesses.

Clean-up day is scheduled for April 22nd. We will start around 7:45AM. Sam Butler said that the cleanup will also be an event for One Wyoming. Seven churches are involved and want to help clean up. Schools are also involved. There will be a cleanup of Pinery Park as well, with a pizza lunch for the volunteers. This is part of a community wide effort for One Wyoming. They are picking four events to participate in during the year: Winterfest, the April 22nd clean up, the National Night Out, and the Fall Cleanup. WKTV is covering the clean-up to get the word out.

Jerry also said that Michael Bulthuis, of the Rapid, is planning an event to ride the Silverline in May, possibly in early afternoon. More details to follow.

May 6 is the Dust Off Day for the Metro Cruise. It is on Saturday May 6th from 10am-2pm at the Moose Lodge, 2630 Burlingame Ave. SE. There will be collector cars, food specials and T shirts available.

Tom: said that Lillian VanderVeen is in the hospital. Prayers for her recovery are appreciated.

Lisa: said that the Form Based Code is making its way through the city approvals. We are getting ready for the City Commission hearing regarding the ordinance. She also said that a survey regarding DABA meetings was sent out along with the agenda. Please fill out the survey if you are able.

Mark Rambo: presented a flyer/application for the Division Avenue Business Association. The flyer describes what DABA does and also gives information on Adopt a Block. He said that we are looking for help to find a suitable photo for the flyer; we want something that represents DABA well. It was suggested that WKTV might have something that is appropriate. There was also discussion on Adopt a Block and the responsibilities/benefits. Mark also said there is going to be a fee structure change for the Rapid. An information session will be held on April 20 at 4:00 at the City of Kentwood and April 26th at 6:30 for the city of Wyoming.

Ken Kraft: said that his organization has been changed to Exalta Health. He said there was another group along Division north of 28th Street trying to organize as an association. Jerry said he would be interested in knowing when the meetings were so that he could attend. The group is attempting to meet quarterly and are possibly organizing to become a Business Improvement District in Grand Rapids.

Mike: said a problem along Division recently has been illegal dumping of large items, especially behind Big Lots.

Kentwood PD: provided information on police issues on the corridor. No particular pattern has emerged.

Wyoming PD: Ben said that there is no pattern to police calls on Division. He said that there is usually some issues when the weather gets warmer and school is out. He said that the police departments are promoting the High School Police Academy. There are opportunities for donation so that there is no expense to the participants.

Sam: One Wyoming: has a quarterly meeting on April 27, 2017 from 11-12:30 at Marge's donuts.

Laura: Said that Kelloggsville construction continues. New offices are now open. There will be a grand opening in August before school starts. In the meantime there are pictures of the construction progress on their website.

Ed: Said that he has gone to many of the businesses is the area for donations for the National Night Out. Some businesses just don't want to contribute. He has a list of business cards for those businesses he went to. He will give to Gary to supplement the DBA mailing list.

Tim: said that the city received a $300,000 grant for Ideal Park. The city will also put money in towards this project He also discussed several office-type projects on 54th across from Walmart.

David: LMCU is having an event to allow people to shred their documents at their corporate offices. LMCU is building in Lowell; Rockford and East Grand Rapids. There are now 4 branches in Florida. There has been some incidents at the bank of check fraud.

Ken from WKTV: WKTV can do newscasts around local issues and events. They are supported by local communities and no local story is too small. If you have opened up a new office, refurbished an office, are hiring new employees, etc. WKTV could make an announcement.


April 22: cleanup day—Division Avenue—it was noted that they will also be collecting large household items for Wyoming residents

May 6: Cleanup Day Kentwood 8-2—no large household good but will be taking in small items and recycling.

May 11: Police Appreciation Breakfast

5. Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Division Avenue Business Association is scheduled for May 11, 2017. It is the Police Appreciation breakfast.

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