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8:00 AM Thursday, October 12th, 2017
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  August 10th, 2017
Meeting Minutes [click to download PDF]

1. Call to Order
Members Present: Jerry DeGood, Auto Finance; Steve Karrip, Metro Motors; Lisa Golder, City of Kentwood; Mark Rambo, City of Kentwood; Gary Ball, B-Quick Printing; Tom Brann, Branns Steakhouse and Grille; Megan Sall, City of Wyoming; Sam Bolt, City of Wyoming; Ed Peterman, South Godwin Neighborhood Association; Paula Dykstra, Kelloggsville Public Schools; Jesus Delacruz, Godwin Schools; Lysette Castillo, Godwin Schools; Duane Bacchus, Godwin Schools

2. Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Ball with support from Karrip to approve the July DABA minutes.

--Motion Carried--

3. Treasurers Report:
There are 29 memberships and $4,005.44 in the Treasury. There are 11 Adopt a Block members. Most of the Adopt a Block fees are paid.

Roundtable Discussion:

Steve Karrip: J&R Market has been working on cleaning up weeds in their area.

September 9th is the clean up date. We will be meeting at 7:45 AM in the Godwin parking lot. Clean up will take approximately 2 hours. There was discussion about Godwin High school students helping with this effort. Also the courts will be sending individuals that need to do community service. Godwin will work on getting permission from parents in order for the high schoolers to participate in the clean up.

Ed: Concern about street trees on Division Avenue blocking vision. Megan said that she will contact the Wyoming Public Works Department to review and address any issues.

Paula Dykstra: is the new representative from Kelloggsville that will be attending DABA meetings. She is a former principal at Kelloggsville. She is also working on a mentoring program for Kelloggsville students. She will be looking for volunteers to mentor grade school students for an hour a week. More information to come.

Megan Sall: Addressed construction issues in the area, repainting of overpasses and replacement of lights on Division with LED, Mayors bike night, continuation of holding Commission meetings in public parks, new election equipment, need for election volunteers and openings for various boards and committees in the city of Wyoming. The city is also undertaking a rezoning of Burton Street area to Form Based Code.
The Wyoming Commission will hold its next meeting on August 21st at 7:00 PM outdoors at Metro Health. She also said that the city wants to be responsive to citizens and so encouraging anyone with questions or concerns about what is happening in Wyoming to contact the city, either through social media or any other method.

Mark: said that the city's big 50th Anniversary celebration event is this weekend. There will be bands, Kentwood's Got Talent competition, a carnival, food trucks, and a beer tent. A WKTV video of the history of the city will be premiered.

Sam Bolt: the Commission meetings at the public parks has brought many people to meetings that would not have ordinarily attends. National Night Out was a great success. He discussed construction in Wyoming and the landscaping on 28th Street West is being installed.

Ed said that the South Godwin National Night Out was a success although the numbers were down from last year.

Duane Bacchus introduced himself. He is the Community Coordinator for Godwin Schools. Lysette Castillo is the parent liaison. He is working with area community partners on behalf of the school. He wants to know how school can give back to the businesses and the community. If the children are invested in the businesses and know the business owners, they will be less likely to do anything to harm that business or neighborhood. He has been working on events such as the district wide "Game Night", and using the Positive Behavior Incentive Program in the schools. He is looking for ways that the kids can help and become invested in the community.

There was discussion about Feeding American Food Trucks that are at 1029 44th Street SW on Mondays from 2:30-5:00 and on Wednesdays from 1:30-4:30.

Jerry said The Chamber of Commerce is reminding everyone about the Metro Cruise which is scheduled for August 25-26. September 18th will be a legislative luncheon at Brann's Distinctive Catering. Lt Governor Brian Calley and his wife, Representative Julie Calley will be speaking at the event.

There was additional discussion about the banners on Division Avenue. Jerry found some extra replacement banners but there are probably only 6-8 extra banners. Discussion ensued around the replacement of banners. Mark Rambo said he will look into what could be done. The banners could possibly be folded into the discussion on Division Avenue goals.



September 9: Fall Clean Up day scheduled

5. Next Meeting
The next meeting of the Division Avenue Business Association is scheduled for September 14, 2017.

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