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Bus Rapid Transit

1. How do I use a 1-ride, 2-ride or 10-ride on the BRT?
Validate the ticket before boarding. This can be done with the TVM or validator, but preferably the validator as this takes less time and does not tie up the TVM.


2. How do I use a 1-Day, 7-Day or 31-Day period pass on the BRT?
Have a valid period pass when on the BRT you can present to the ticket checker. If it is a new pass, it must be validated before you board. If it already has been validated, simply board. You can use the TVM or validator to validate the period pass or check its status, once again preferably the validator.


3. How do I Transfer to the BRT from another bus route?
Have your valid transfer on hand when boarding the BRT. You can insert the transfer into the validator to see if it is still valid. When asked to provide proof of fare payment on the BRT, show your valid transfer ticket. Transfer must be valid at the time you board the BRT bus.


4. How do I transfer from the BRT to fixed route using cash fare?
The one-ride ticket you purchased at the TVM acts as a regular transfer – use the ticket to make up to two transfers in the next 2 hours.


5. How do I transfer from the BRT to fixed route using 1-ride, 2-ride or 10-ride cards?
Validate your ride card fare when boarding the BRT. When you transfer to the next route, present your ride card showing the BRT validation within the past two hours to the driver and they will permit you to board.


6. How do riders from Kendall, Spectrum and GVSU access the BRT?
Kendall and Spectrum employees must show a valid Kendall or Spectrum ticket when on the BRT. GVSU students must show a valid GVSU student ID when on the BRT.

7. How do Calvin and Aquinas students access the BRT?
Calvin and Aquinas students can purchase tickets for full price at the BRT TVMs or purchase a book of 10 student tickets for $9.00 as other students can. Additionally, we are giving Calvin and Aquinas the option of purchasing individual tickets for $0.90 and selling them to their students for use on the BRT.

Quick Facts about the Silver Line:

- Increased travel time savings (up to 45%)
- Increased reliability and convenience
- Improved accessibility
- Increased safety and security
- Increased capacity
- Improved operating cost efficiency
- Improved environmental quality
- Increased economic development
- 9.6 Miles total; 6.25 miles (65%) bus-only lanes during peak hours
- 34 stations with raised platforms for level boarding
- 10 minute peak frequency, 20-30 minute off-peak frequency
- Ticket vending machines (TVMs) for prepay and reduced dwell time
- Real-time arrival information
- Electric Snow melt
- Live security cameras and emergency phones
- Traffic signal priority (TSP)
- Vehicle and station branding
- 10 Hybrid-electric buses, 8 in service during peak, 2 spare

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