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from 28th to 54th Street
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    Our Next Monthly Meeting:
8:00 AM Thursday, May 10th, 2018
at Tommy Brann's, 4157 S. Division

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What does DABA do you ask?

  • We do 2 clean-ups a year, meeting at Godwin High School at 8:00 AM on a Saturday, sweeping from 28th Street to 54th Street.
  • We have a professional weed control company spray for weeds every year.  This costs us about $2000 a year but just look at our street and you'll see that it's worth it!
  • We designed and hung banners for lamp posts.
  • We meet once a month with our organization and set goals.  Local / community police and politicians come to our meetings.
  • We donated a police bike to Wyoming a few years ago.
  • We have just started putting flower planters on our grounds.
  • We work hard to protect our business.

10 Annual Open House - Showcase your business and meet other local business owners.
9 Contribute toward donations made to Police and Fire Departments.
8 An association that listens to and acts upon concerns of its members.
7 The Adopt-a-Block Program helps keep our community clean one block at a time.
6 DABA spearheads community improvements, based upon member wants and needs.
5 Provides signage to encourage both residents and non-residents to bring business to our community.
4 Wyoming and Kentwood Police departments listen to and address security concerns of member businesses.
3 Unity toward common goals among Division Avenue Businesses raises property values.
2 Provides weed control and two annual community clean-up days, which increases consumer's positive perception of our community.
1 City Council Members listen to and take action to give assistance to Division Avenue Business Association Members.


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Read our interview with Linda Quist, the Director of Finance & Development for Partners for a Racism Free Community.


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